Our Beliefs

The Vision of The Worship Center is to create a Culture that produces Change Agents. "A Change Agent" is a person who is a positive catalyst of influence and solves mankind's problems.

The Mission: Loving and Leading people to the presence of God through pure worship.

As a body of believers we are committed to:

  • Believing in Jesus Christ as God incarnate and the only way to salvation.
  • Pure worship.
  • Exemplifying the fullness of the Kingdom of God.
  • Loving one another.
  • Maturing the body of Christ.
  • Raising the next generation as Godly seed.

Our Beliefs
Our Beliefs

Our Statement of Beliefs:

  • We believe that God is the creator of all that exists and the church is the Biblical standard for impacting the world.
  • We believe that everything we do must glorify God.
  • We believe that every member must be submitted and connected to the visionary and the vision which are ordained by God.
  • We believe that the word of God is the standard for the family.
  • We believe that the strength of the church is found in the strength of the family.
  • We believe that what we do today affect the next four generations.


  • We will not compromise God's Word.
  • We will not embrace any alternative/ungodly principles.
  • We will not willfully engage in any activity that brings harm to the Kingdom of God.

Our Beliefs