Apostle Sharome L. Gentry

Sharome Gentry Sharome Gentry SHAROME L. GENTRY, Senior Pastor of The Worship Center of Spartanburg is a bold, charismatic leader, life coach, illustrator and motivational speaker. He is the husband of Elder Veronica Aiken Gentry and the father of three children; Brandon, Desmond and Ne'Miah Praise. As Senior Pastor and an agent of change, his passion is to "Create a Culture That Produce Change Agents." He is known by many in the community and around the world as a trendsetter and true servant. Pastor Gentry is an Evangelist and travels the world spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Being a constant advocate for change and awareness, Pastor Gentry's outpouring of concern for the community is evident in many ways. He is the co-founder and former board member of the Ernest Rice Foundation in Spartanburg, president and founder of the Sharome L. Gentry Ministries, Inc., serves on the advisory board for the Spartanburg City Youth league, is a Mentor for Spartanburg School District 7 and is a Fire Chaplin for the city of Spartanburg.

After graduating from Spartanburg High School, Pastor Gentry furthered his education at Spartanburg Methodist College and North Greenville College majoring in Religious Studies. He received a Master's Degree in Religious Studies from Carolina College of Theology, is a Fireman's Chaplain for the city of Spartanburg SC and he is a Mentor for Spartanburg School District 7. In 1990, he became licensed and ordained under the late Reverend Earl Cheeks; after serving other ministries as Senior Pastor, he and his wife founded their ministry in 2004. By God's grace, The Worship Center of Spartanburg continues to grow exceedingly and abundantly. His life-changing words continue to lead many souls to Christ through great teachings, writings, productions, video, and audio. Some of his writings are featured in the Commentary section of the Spartanburg Herald Journal. Pastor Gentry is a leader's leader, and his heart goes out to those who tend to the flock.